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Truck Data, ELD & Telematics Expert:

Technology is Dramatically Increasing Data Collection From Trucks!

Truck Telematics Expert Witness / Truck Data Expert Witness Articles

By Scott Greene

Our technology experts at Evidence Solutions, already refer to trucks as moving treasure troves of data. Based upon these predictions from the Commercial Vehicle Outlook conference in Dallas, which was held in Dallas Texas, we will be able to collect even more data!


EOBR - ELDA Typical Truck Drivers Electronic Logging Device

Remote Updating:

Trucks will soon be equipped with wireless remote updating. With this technology, truck engine operating parameters can be changed remotely. The truck could, for instance, be setup to operate more efficiently if it were traversing mountain ranges where the air could be thinner. Motor carriers will have to determine if parameters can be changed by the driver or if they can only be changed by the home office.

Remote Diagnostics:

Fleets of trucks will soon be ‘checking in’ remotely and reporting problems or maintenance items. This two way communication will allow the truck to phone home and report diagnostic problems it has found within itself. Maintenance will then be automatically scheduled at the next appropriate stop.

Autonomous Trucks:

Autonomous trucks continue to develop allowing fleets of vehicles to operate on the highways, perhaps without a driver at all.

Safety System Updates:

Automatic updates for safety systems are also on the horizon. These systems, in some instances, already report back to the motor carrier’s  home office if the truck is operated outside of the parameters setup by the company.

Truck Platoons:

Platooning allows for a significant fuel savings. When several vehicles are in line and following closely the wind resistance drops dramatically for all of the vehicles following the lead vehicle. This is the same way bicycle racers save energy and move faster. In trucks it will require some technology, however. Radar or Lidar is used to properly space the vehicles and keep them moving at the same speed. The danger is, however, that if the lead vehicle runs into something the following vehicles have little time to react as they are following very close. Technology will have to be used to cause the trucks, and perhaps other vehicles, to communicate with each other to keep the following vehicles from becoming involved in a ‘train wreck’.

Video Systems:

New video systems will allow the truck driver to see all around his vehicle. This should eliminate blind spots and provide greater safety to smaller vehicles that are more difficult to see. Couple these systems with radar and safety for the vehicles around the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) could be greatly enhanced.

The Future Truck Technician:

As these systems develop, the future truck mechanic will be part mechanic and part computer repair person. These systems will demand high technology aware technicians who will install updates and repair the computer systems that will be assisting the driver as they drive.

New and Increased Data:

As indicated at the beginning of the article, trucks are rolling treasure troves of data. The amount of data coming out of vehicles will rapidly rise with the implementation of these technology systems. Cheap storage media will allow a tremendous amount of data to be collected and saved. The data will be used to do a myriad of things. From coaching drivers, to scheduling maintenance, and increasing fuel efficiency the amount of data collected will be staggering for large fleets.

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