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Driverless / Autonomous Truck
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Trucking Safety Expert Witness / Truck Accident Expert Witness Articles

By Scott Greene

On May 5, 2015 Freightliner unveiled the first road-legal self-driving truck licensed in the United States. The announcement was made in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Nevada event introduced the Vehicle and the technology and also provided a live demonstration of the truck.

Freightliner Self Driving Truck - Trucking Safety Expert WitnessTrucking Technology Expert Witness

Known as “Inspiration” the introduction event started at the Hoover Dam on the border of Nevada and Arizona. Where an international audience including members of the press were entertained by a light-show and the ceremonial crossing of the dam by the Inspiration. Freightliner also streamed the event live on the Internet.

Why Las Vegas NV?

Las Vegas was chosen by Frieghtliner because the Nevada Legislature took steps to allow the Inspiration to operate on the highways of Nevada. Making Nevada the only state in the country to allow autonomous trucks to be operated on public roadways.
While the Freightliner Inspiration is not yet available for purchase, the testing of this truck will include cruising highways and city streets throughout the state of Nevada, testing its capabilities and refining its operation. Prior to this announcement, the testing was limited to test-tracks and public free test-roads.

Such Systems Traditionally Tested in Europe:

When Volvo was testing its automatic braking system, the testing was primarily done in Europe. Traditionally, such testing has been done in European countries. However with Nevada’s bold legislative move, Daimler Trucks decided to roll out the truck line in the United States.


A Treasure Trove of Data:

We are fond of saying that trucks are rolling treasure troves of data. With perhaps hundreds of sensors and plenty of computer systems, the amount of data on an automated truck should be tremendous. It is probable that during the testing phase and beyond that the data would be collected and analyzed to increase safety and efficiency.


About Freightliner / Daimler Trucks:

Daimler Trucks North America LLC, formerly Freightliner Corporation, is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Daimler AG.

According to Daimler Trucks this announcement is the single most expensive press release and product promotion in Daimler’s over 100 year history.


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