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Trucking Regulation Compliance Expert:
Life in Prison for Owner/Operator in Shutdown Order Case!

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By Scott Greene

Devasko Lewis was sentenced April 17, 2015 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Lewis was convicted of murdering the relative of a federal witness in the Houston County GA Superior Court Case. The U.S. District Court in Albany, Ga., granted a motion filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office to dismiss the indictment which charged Lewis with conspiracy to criminally violate an Imminent Hazard Out-of-Service Order. The order had been issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The dismissal was allowed so the state could pursue the murder charges instead.

fmcsalogoTrucking Regulation Expert

Lewis was charged with murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery in January 2014. Lewis allegedly conspired to murder Corey Daniels. Daniels was a co-defendant in a federal investigation of conspiracy to violate the FMCSA Imminent Hazard order.

Daniels agreed to cooperate in the federal case against Lewis, and shortly after an attempt was made to kill him. The plot to kill Daniels failed, however, when his nephew was killed at Daniel’s home in a case of mistaken identity.

Lewis had expressed his unhappiness with Daniels’ cooperation against him in the federal case prior to the murder, prosecutors alleged.

The cease all operations order was issued in October 2008 against Lewis and his company Lewis Trucking Company. The order was issued when serious violations were discovered during an FMCSA compliance review. The review was conducted after a fatal crash in Alabama that killed seven.

After the order was issued Devasko Lewis along with Lacey Lewis, Devasko’s half brother, attempted to circumvent the order by operating under two other companies, Eagle Transport and Eagle Trans.

Lacey Lewis was sentenced May 13, 2015 to 24 months probation for conspiracy to violate the Imminent Hazard Out-of-Service Order issued by the FMCSA.


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