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Kerry Nelson - Heavy Truck Expert

Truck Accident Investigation Expert

Over 35 years of experience in truck accident litigation, concerning professional driving issues; commercial vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction; truck driver actions, reactions, responsibilities, qualifications, training, compliance with federal and state motor carrier safety regulations and trucking industry safety standards. Operation, inspection and maintenance of tractor trailer air brake systems, and related components.

Kerry's Expertise Includes:

  • Commercial Vehicles (18 Wheeler)
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety
  • Law Enforcement
  • Tractor-Trailer Inspection
  • CMV Operations
  • Regulations
  • Tractor Maintenance
  • Trailer Maintenance
  • Professional Driving
  • Standard of Care Expert
  • Trailer Loading and Unloading Safety
  • Truck Driver Actions
  • Truck Driver Responsibilities
  • Driver Qualifications
  • Driver Training
  • Federal Trucking Regulations (FMCSRs)
  • State Trucking Regulations
  • Trucking Industry Safety Standards
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