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Sports & Industrial Safety Expert:
"One Time... For Everything" by Jeff Scurran!

Evidence Solutions, Inc. Announces Jeff Scurran’s New Book. 

Sports and Industrial Injury Prevention Articles

By Scott Greene

"One Time for Everything" published by Ravenhawk Books

Jeff Scurran head Shot

Sports & Industrial Safety & Risk Management Expert: Jeff Scurran

"One Time for Everything" published by Ravenhawk Books

Based upon real people and inspired by actual events , this book chronicles the journey of Jeff Scurran (“Coach”) and the fledgling college football program. A program, that was almost shut down by an incoming college administrator. The dream of salvaging the crippled program and winning a national championship is lost on most, except “Coach”. Coach takes it upon himself to raise funds and breath dramatic life back into the program.

"Coach" devises a plan to prevail. The winningest coach nobody ever heard of shows you the way to success: "One Time...For Everything." -Enjoy!

Jeff Scurran is one of the best kept secrets and strategists in high school and college athletics. He coaches and trains national champions all over the world. A motivational problem-solver for business and the career-minded, he develops effective solutions for virtually any problem presented to him. Jeff is a sought after speaker who leaves his audience residual impact that endures.

Coach Scurran is an expert in - Sports & Industrial Safety & Risk Management as well as the Prevention of Sports and Industrial related injuries.


The book is available in hardcover and will be arriving in book stores soon.


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By Scott Greene

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