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By Scott Greene

Dedicating time to personal health and fitness is important. Most people are aware of the health benefits that come from working out and enjoy the positive effects it brings. Gyms and fitness centers are designed to offer people the opportunity to exercise in a safe location dedicated to health.

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Types of Fitness Center Injuries

Because there are many types of machines and workout environments available in gyms, they pose  unique problems to customers and facilities. Some of the most common injuries incurred by people at these facilities include: bruising and internal bleeding, lacerations, broken bones, strained, pulled, or torn muscles, injuries to ligaments or tendons, internal organ damage, or traumatic brain injury.

The hazards that exist in workout facilities can be attributed primarily to machinery malfunction, weight accidents, unsafe or slippery surfaces, and disregard for safety codes and regulations. If they are not given the proper warnings about safety issues in the facility, the facility may be liable for any injuries incurred by their customers.

Injured at the Gym

There are a host of bodily injuries that a person could face while at the gym or a fitness class. Some of the most common injuries occur when a person fails to accurately judge their own physical ability and overexerts themselves. Anyone who injures themselves in this way may not be eligible for compensation. Which is why the facility must warn customers regarding this to avoid negligence.

One of the most common ways that people injure themselves, at a gym is by faulty equipment. Many weight machines and other pieces of workout equipment have several hundreds of pounds of weight attached to them that could injure a person if something malfunctions. People can also be  injured by things  such as wet floors, which could cause a person to fall during classes.

Broken Equipment

Broken equipment is a very dangerous thing in a gym. As previously mentioned, most of these machines hold hundreds of pounds of weight, so the gym has a responsibility of ensuring that the machines are safe to use. However it should not be discounted that customers have a responsibility to inspect the equipment that they are using to ensure that it is in good working order. If the customer finds fault with any equipment they have a responsibility to stop using it and report the malfunction or fault to the facility.

Fitness Classes

There are several instances when a person could be injured during a fitness class. Many individuals can slip and fall on fitness room floors which have not been maintained or cleaned. There have been instances of trainers who put too much pressure on their students and end up causing injuries. It behooves trainers and students alike to know their limits and pay attention to the facility equipment.

Being injured at the gym is an obviously disheartening event. An individual goes to the gym to maximize their health and wellbeing, and when they sustain an injury they could suffer from long term effects.


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By Scott Greene

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