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Cell Phone Carrier Record Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics


It is a normal protocol to obtain Cell Phone Carrier Records when examining Cell Phones. These records can validate what was found on the Cell Phone as well as provide additional information the carrier may have which many not be on the phone. Standing alone, Cell Phone Carrier Records document calls, SMS text messages as well as data usage for webbrowsing and applications (apps). This information usually includes:

  • Whether the call was originated by the Cell Phone.
  • Download as well as Upload data quantities.
  • SMS Text messaging history such as date and time of the text message as well as the phone numbers which were sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) Text Messages.
  • The Plan code (M2M - Mobile to Mobile, for instance ). This documents which part of the user's plan the transaction was part of.
  • Cellular tower identification as well as the GPS location for the cellular tower(s) used for the phone call, text message or data exchange.

For Phone calls the carrier should give you additional information including:

  • Connection date
  • Connection time
  • Seizure time
  • Originating phone number
  • Originating IMEI or MEID ( cell phone serial number )
  • Originating IMSI ( SIM Serial Number )
  • Terminating Phone number
  • Elapsed time or call duration
  • Number dialed

For Text or SMS Messages the cell phone company should also provide:

  • Originating phone number
  • Originating IMEI or MEID ( cell phone serial number )
  • Originating IMSI ( SIM Serial Number )
  • Terminating Phone number

When reviewing the Cell Phone Carrier Records, please note that timezones produced will vary by carrier. Some carriers will deliver the records in Universal Coordinate Time (UTC), others carriers produce the records in the Central Time zone (CST or CDT), while others produce the records based upon the timezone the tower the cell phone was connected to. When in doubt, call us.

In addition to the Cell Phone Carrier Records and the Mobile Device, archives and backups of the data contained in the phone may be stored on the user's computer system or located in the cloud. Archives and backups may contain data which was deleted between the time of the backup and when the phone was examined.

Don’t wait months, weeks or even days hoping the data is still available from the Cell Phone Carrier. Each Cell Phone Carrier has their own data retention policy. And even within carriers, the policy can vary by the type of plan the user has. Generally, the sooner the data is requested of the Cell Phone Carrier, the better.

For information about Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics see: Cell Phone Forensics & Mobile Device Forensics.

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