Evidence Solutions, Inc., (ESI) is a premier forensics company founded in 1982.

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Digital and Electronic Evidence, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics
Trucking, Truck Accident Investigation and Trucking Regulations, Truck Safety Consulting, Heavy Vehicles & Hazardous Materials
Sports and Fitness, Fitness Facility Standard of Care
Real Estate & Land, Real Estate Syndication
Bankruptcy and Corporate Governance
Accident Reconstruction & Product Failure Analysis!

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Hash or Digital Fingerprint:

A hash value is a unique hexadecimal value identifying lines of text, a file or Hard Drive Image. The value serves as an identifying fingerprint, and is even more unique than human DNA. The value is generated via mathematical algorithm; the de facto algorithm still used is Message Digest-5, or MD5 for short. Others include SHA-1, SHA-256, etc.