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New Jersey Computer Forensics Expert

New Jersey Murder Trial Involves Computer Forensics Expert from Bergen County, NJ.

A senior forensic analyst with the computer crimes unit at the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, testified about his findings.

According to a computer forensics expert from the Bergen County New Jersey Prosecutor's office Sui Kam “Tony” Tung started to cover his tracks the night he is accused of murdering Robert Cantor. Tung use data wiping software along with other methods to "shred" the data on his desktop computer to prevent it from being discovered. Tung also used a keylogger program to record keystrokes on his wife's computer and gain access to her email account.

Jurors were also eductated about how data is stored on hard disk drives. They also learned data may be recovered long after it has been deleted. This is due to the fact that when a file is deleted from a computer's storage media, it becomes free space and can still be retrieved as long as the data has not yet been overwritten. Files may be recovered years after they have been deleted, depending on how much storage space is available on a hard disk drive (HDD).

Bergen County is less than 20 miles north east of Newark, NJ.

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