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Cell Phone Evidence Investigation IL

Davenport Iowa Police Use Cell Phone Evidence to Link Tim McVay to Carrie Olson Murder.

Davenport Iowa Police and the Illinois Attorney General Team up to Examine Cell Phone Evidence.

Davenport IA Police Cpl. Richard Nahnybida of its computer forensics unit said many messages he found on Mr. McVay's cellphone had been deleted but he was able to recovery the deleted messages. Cpl. Nahnybida said Mr. McVay's phone showed about 100 visits to the Hastings' news site in April 2014.

Backing that finding up, Zeus Flores, a computer forensic examiner with the Illinois Attorney General's High Tech Crimes Bureau, testified Mr. McVay's mobile phone accessed a Hastings, Minn., newspaper website at least 43 times between Jan. 16 and April 4, 2014. There also were searches of other media sites, he said.

Tim McVay is accused of killing Carrie Olson, his ex-girlfriend, and disposing of her body in a wooded Minnesota area.

The case is being tried in the Rock Island County Justice Center in Rock Island, Illinois.

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