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Colorado Cell Phone Forensics Expert

Chaffee County Colorado Sherriff Investigating Sexting at Buena Vista High School, Buena Vista Colorado.

Colorado District Attorney Thom LeDoux Said it Could Take More than a Month to Review the Data Collected by their Cell Phone Forensic Investigators.

In December, LeDoux’s office, which oversees Chaffee, Custer, Fremont and Park counties, announced that they would not be pressing charges against any of the 106 students involved in that case. The case began when the Buena Vista High School principal Brian Yates and Buena Vista Colorado Police Chief Jimmy Tidwell received an annonymous tip in early December, 2015.

Chaffee County Colorado Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction over the case. Colorado’s Sexual Exploitation of a Child statute causes the sherriff's department to be involved as well as the fact that students at Buena Vista High School may not all live withing the Buena Vista city limits.

Buena Vista Colorado is 122 miles southwest of Denver Colorado and approximately 90 miles west of Colorado Springs, CO.

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