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Arizona Computer Forensics Lab - American Express

American Express Digital & Multi-Media Forensic Laboratory


(Phoenix Arizona, Maricopa County)

American Express Computer Forensics Lab:

Some private companies have their own digital forensics / computer forensics labs.

American Express is one of those companies. The American Express lab is located in Phoenix Arizona. It became accredited in August of 2013.

As of April, 2017, American Express is one of six companies in the United States that run internal digital-forensics laboratories accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. Many other companies also operate labs that are not accredited. The number of corporate computer forensics labs is expected to continue to grow.

Due to the backlogs of digital forensics processing experienced by many law enforcement agencies, private companies are creating their own Computer Forensics labs. Law enforcement processing of digital evidence can take months of just waiting.

Private companies can speed this process along. These internal labs can process and prepare the data to be presented to law enforcement should the need arise.

Computer and cell phone forensics equipment is expensive. In addition with new technology coming to market everyday, the hardware and software used to process cyber evidence needs to be constantly updated. Private companies usually have larger budgets and fewer budgetary constraints than do law enforcement agencies.

Lending a Helping Hand:

Frequently private organizations share their unused resources with law enforcement. These resources would go unused in many cases.

Evidence Solutions, Inc. shares its Computer Forensics capabilities with law enforcement agencies.

Computer Forensics:

Computer Forensics, a branch of digital forensic science, is the process of collecting, examinging and interpreting digital evidence from different types of computer devices including computers and cell phones. The data is analyzed to uncover and preserve any evidence in its most original form while collecting, identifying and validating the digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events. The data is normally presented as evidence in court.

Computer Forensics can also be used to determine if something did not occur. File Dates are just one of the individual pieces of data that are heavily scrutinized in Digital Forensics.


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