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Computer & Data Security Expert:
Nine Security Tips to Keep You & Your Data Safe!

Simple Tips to Keep Your Data Safe 6 - 9

Data Breach Expert Witness / Computer Forensics Articles

By Sean Greene

Now more than ever, it is important to keep security at the forefront of our minds. With more state sponsored attacks, along with the ease and accessibility of hacking tools, there are more concerns than ever about connecting to the internet. Some of the best tips to help protect yourself and your data are as follows.

Cyber Security Expert: Treat Your Laptop Like Cash

Cyber Security Expert: Cyber Security Expert: Security Tips Keep Your Data Safe 1-5

#6: Updates are your friend


Adobe and Java seem like they update constantly, that’s because they are efficiency as well as security updates. Updates are important to the overall security of your system, and while they can be annoying to do, they will be more helpful in the long run.


#7: Hackers are not criminals


In fact the vast majority of hackers are in fact good people, who are just trying to make the cyber world a safer place. Even Google Chrome Executive, Parisa Tabriz, has been quoted saying “Just because someone knows how to break something, doesn’t mean they will use that knowledge to hurt people. A lot of hackers make things more secure.” It is all in the intent of the hack, most hackers just want to test security and make things more secure. Evidence Solutions employees are considered hackers as well, so they are not all on the dark side.


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#8: Cyberattacks & Cyberterroism are not as common as you think


Nowadays, it seems like everything is connected to the internet, therefore making it vulnerable to attack. Your car, pacemakers, insulin pumps, and other critical devices now connect to the internet, making some people rather nervous to use them. Are these devices hackable? Yes. However, they can take months to plan and carry out, not to mention the hacker will generally need to be close by you, as these devices have limited range. The long and short of it, cyberattacks should not be your biggest worry. You should, however, be as safe as you can be.


#9: Don’t confuse Darknet and Deepweb


There is a lot of confusion when people talk about Darknet and Deepweb, and what they really are. Deepweb is anything on the world wide web (anything that starts with www) that isn’t indexed and logged by a search engine, making it non-searchable. Darknet on the other hand, is usually accessed with special software such as I2P or Tor, and is popular with the seedy underground of hackers. The two terms are not interchangeable.


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By Scott Greene

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Complex Electronic Evidence in PLAIN English.

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