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Internet Security Expert:
Time to Review Your Facebook Privacy Settings!

Facebook Makes it Easier Than Ever to Check Your Security Settings!

Computer Forensics Expert / Data Security Articles

By Scott Greene

Even if you don’t have your own or a company Facebook account, you, no doubt, know someone who does. It is a good idea to check Facebook privacy and security settings often as the company changes the options regularly. Recently, Facebook significantly updated a user’s ability to secure their account.

Cyber Security Expert - Cyber Breach Expert

Cyber Security Expert: Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings!

On their “Privacy Basics” page, Facebook helps their user understand the security options. Here is an outline of what is currently in the “Privacy Basics” section:

1)“What Others See About You”
    a.Posts: Who sees what is posted on Facebook
    b.Deleting Posts
    c.Profile: Who can view a profile and what do they see.
    d.Friend List: Who can see a list of friends
    e.Search: What do non-friends see when they search for someone?
    f.Likes & Comments: Who can see these items?
    g.Tagging: Who can see photos posted and tagged photos?
    h.Account Deactivation & Deletion: How To?

2)“How Others Interact With You”
    a.Timeline: Who can post to a user’s timeline?
    b.Untagging: What to do to remove a tag from a photo
    c.Comments & Likes: Who can like and comment on things posted to Facebook?
    d.Unfriending and Blocking: How to stop someone from seeing anything I do?

3)“What You See”
    a.Ads: How to change what the users sees.
    b.News Feeds: How to change what shows up in a user’s news feed?

4)“How to Keep Your Account Secure”
    a.Passwords, including strong passwords: Why & How.
    b.Hacked Accounts: What do if an account is hijacked?
    c.How to deal with Spam
    d.Logging Out: Why it is important to do so.
    e.Login Alerts: How to know if someone is attempting to use my account?
    f.Phishing: How to recognize attempts to steal account and password information?
    g.Login Approvals: How to keep others from logging into my account?

  • We highly recommend that you utilize two factor authentication wherever you can.

h.How You Information is Protected: How Facebook secures a user’s information?
i.Trusted Contacts: Others who can access your account.
j.How Government Information Requests are handled.
k.Where the user is logged in?

We applaud Facebooks endeavoring to increase their user’s knowledge and security. This is an easy to understand and useful guide that anyone with a Facebook account should review. Evidence Solutions’ experts recommend that everyone who has a Facebook account, review their account settings and make changes to ensure that what they post on Facebook is available to the Facebook users they choose.

We encourage users to regularly review their settings.



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By Scott Greene

Evidence Solutions, Inc.

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