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Cell Phone Forensics Expert:
Children Smartphone Safety!

Cell Phone Contain More Personal Data Than Ever!

Electronic Evidence Forensics Expert / Cyber Security Articles

By Scott Greene

This being the 21st century, we are far more connected than we ever have been before. Having the ability to communicate with each other with the push of a button from thousands of miles away has become a commonplace act for us all, which 20 years ago would have been a chore to say the least

iphone-4s-devices - Mobile Phone Forensics ExpertCell Phone Forensics Expert!

With this, children (especially teenagers) have gotten caught up in the technology whirlwind. This tornado of technology brings with it several concerns for their safety. Teenagers being teenagers, are bound to make a few questionable decisions in their lifetime, some of these can be dangerous however.

When talking with your kids about internet safety, keep in mind that completely removing them from the internet may be impossible, and that an educational conversation can go a long way in keeping them safe. Included in this article is a guide of what to expect with children and online usage, here are a few highlights however.

Know who your kids are talking to. Are they talking to kids from school or strangers they met online? “Stranger Danger” now applies to online conversations not just on the street.

Know what kind of content they are accessing. Are they accessing apps or other content that is appropriate for their age or maturity level? If they go above and beyond that level, how do you plan to deal with it? Also be aware of cyber bullying, which is becoming a more common occurrence.

Texting and driving. We all know that texting and driving is dangerous, but this is more true for inexperienced drivers who try to multitask while driving. There are apps to control this type of usage, but also work on rules regarding cell phones in the car.

This article has a list of apps which can help you prevent texting while driving, not only for your kids but for you as well:

Texting While Driving Prevention Apps

Sexting. Images are likely permanent, no matter what anyone says. Even apps such as Snapchat will save a copy of images and videos somewhere in world. In a hyper-connected world, an inappropriate picture can find its way to millions of people in a matter of seconds. So it’s best not to take them in the first place.

The article below has a lot of information that parents can use to make sure that their children stay safe in the age of the internet.


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By Scott Greene

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