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Truck Safety Expert Witness:
"After-Market Car Safety System Available"

FMCSR Expert Witness / Truck Regulation Expert Witness Articles

By Scott Greene

Many modern luxury and semi-luxury cars now have safety systems to alert the driver that they are approaching a vehicle ( or other object ) too close. In addition, some of these vehicles alert the driver to a car in the blind spot. And yet other vehicles have the ability to alert the driver when the car is veering out of its lane. Most of these systems are built into the vehicle as a package.


Safe Drive Systems (SDS), allows these features to be added to most vehicles as an after-market product. SDS, based in New York, NY,develops and distributes advanced, anti-collision avoidance systems designed to prevent or reduce the severity of an accident.


Almost everyone is guilty of distracted driving at some time while driving. And it is likely that anyone can benefit from the some type of collision prevention system.


Studies from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) attribute human error as the cause of more than 90 percent of all truck-involved crashes. It seems that a similar statistic applies to car accidents. It makes sense that by providing driver warnings and systems that take corrective action, some accidents could be avoided.


According to SDS, approximately 90% of rear-end collisions can be avoided if the driver is warned 1.5 seconds in advance. SDS says research has shown that technologies such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, and adaptive headlights can prevent or mitigate fatal crashes by 1/3 and injury crashes by 1/5.


SDS is an Anti-collision radar system that can be installed on almost any type of vehicle as an after market product. Using advanced camera and radar technology, this system alerts the driver with audio and visual warnings when they are approaching another vehicle too closely. The system also alerts the driver if their vehicle drifts into another lane.


How the system works:

SDS is available in two flavors. Both have a dash board mounted alert console for alerting the driver


Truck Safety Expert Lane Deviation Car Safety System Panel

According to SDS, the RD140 RDR version has the following features:

  • Forward radar display and audio alert system
  • Prevents dangerous front end collisions
  • Escalating auditory and visual warnings
  • Works effectively in all weather conditions – day or night
  • Radar scans up to460 feet ahead of car 20x per second

The RD140 version adds a camera and the following features to the RD140 RDR version:

  • Lane departure(camera) indication and audio alert system
  • Monitors all vehicles for driver to maintain safe distance on side of car
  • Prevents lateral collisions
  • System alerts of unintentional drifting from your lane (0.5 secs before crossing lane)

Next week we'll look at how safety systems are implemented in Commercial Motor Vehicles.


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