Evidence Solutions, Inc., (ESI) is a premier forensics company founded in 1982.

ESI Provides Elite Experts in:

Digital and Electronic Evidence, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics
Trucking, Truck Accident Investigation and Trucking Regulations, Truck Safety Consulting, Heavy Vehicles & Hazardous Materials
Sports and Fitness, Fitness Facility Standard of Care
Real Estate & Land, Real Estate Syndication
Bankruptcy and Corporate Governance
Accident Reconstruction & Product Failure Analysis!

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ESI provides elite experts

Truck Accident & Safety Expert

35 years of experience in truck accident litigation, concerning professional driving issues; commercial vehicle accident investigation and reconstruction; truck driver actions, reactions, responsibilities, qualifications, training, compliance with federal and state motor carrier safety regulations and trucking industry safety standards. Operation, inspection and maintenance of tractor trailer air brake systems, and related components

Walter Lierman - Ph. D. - Economics Expert Witness

Economics Forensics Expert Witness

Walter K. Lierman, Ph.D., is a seasoned economist who has more than 20 years experience providing clients with applied economic evaluation, statistical modeling, forecasting, and financial analysis.

Scott Greene - Computer, Electronic & Digital Evidence Expert


Technology Forensics Expert Witness

For 30 years, Scott Greene has been helping owners, CEO’s, managers and IT departments understand data. Scott Collects, Analyzes and Explains Complex Electronic Evidence in Plain English.

Jeff Scurran - Sports & Athletic Development Expert

Sports & Fitness Facility Standard of Care Expert Witness

Jeff Scurran is a Sports and Athletic Development Expert Jeff's expertise includes: sports litigation support, concussion prevention, athletic training standard of care, sports safety and sports risk management. Since 1970 Jeff has been a coach in both High School as well as College programs. Jeff has coached: Football, Track, Alpine Skiing, Baseball, Basketball, and Tennis. He has been a Physical Education (PE) educator for over 30 years. Jeff has also been a College Instructor and Lead Teacher for Sport Psychology and Weight Training. Jeff also is an expert in industrial motion and injury prevention.

Victor Holloman - Accident Reconstructionist & Expert Witness

Accident Reconstructionist

Victor Holloman is a Professional Engineer with decades of experience in Mechanical Engineering. A former NASA employee, Victor has been reconstructing accidents for over 20 years.

John Ross - Trucking Standard of Care Expert Witness

Trucking Driving Standard of Care Expert

John W. Ross is a Professional Truck Driver with decades of experience. His experience includes: Owner Operator, Safety Director, Compliance Director and more. John has been driving commercial vehicles for over John has over 23 years Truck Driving Experience.

Craig Cherney, Esq - Real Estate Standard of Care Expert Witness

Real Estate Investment Expert Witness

Craig Cherney is a Proven real estate operator and legal counsel with demonstrated hands-on experience in complex real estate matters.

George Jenson - Greek Fraternity Consultant and Expert Witness


Greek Fraternity Consultant and Expert Witness

George has been involved with fraternity activites including housing, fundraising, treasurey, ceremony officiating, alchohol and drug education, membership development, and many more roles.  He writes and speaks well and can articulate his knowledge clearly to those who may be unfamiliar with this world.




Evidence Solutions, Inc., (ESI) is a premier forensics company founded in 1982.


Our Team of Experts:


Kerry Nelson

Truck Accident & Safety Expert

Kerry's CV

John W Ross

Truck Accident & Safety Expert

John's CV

Walter Lierman - Ph. D.

Economics Expert


Craig Cherney, Esq.

Real Estate Investment Expert Witness

Craig's CV

Scott Greene

Computer, Electronic & Digital Evidence Expert

Scott's CV

Jeff Scurran

Sports, Fitness & Industrial Safety & Risk Management

Jeff's CV

Victor Holloman, P.E.

Accident Reconstructionist

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