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It is said that data is never completely erased from storage media. While this is not quite true, it can be difficult to removed data from a computer Hard Disk drive completely without special tools, machines or software. As a result a wide variety of data can be recovered from the computer Hard Disk Drives. Not that long ago, the size of a Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ) was in the megabyte or 1,000,000 bytes. Now storage is measured in Gigabytes or Billions of characters of data and Terrabytes or Trillions of Characters.

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Recover Evidence from:

Recover Obfuscated or Deleted:

  • Data Files
  • Email
  • Instant Messages
  • Text Messages
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Photos
  • Accounting Data
  • Database Information


  • Creation Dates
  • Access Dates
  • Modification Dates & Times
  • Data Fabrication Attempts
  • Web Sites Visited
  • Uploaded & Downloaded Files and Data