Evidence Solutions, Inc., (ESI) is a premier forensics company founded in 1982.

ESI Provides Elite Experts in:

Digital and Electronic Evidence, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics
Trucking, Truck Accident Investigation and Trucking Regulations, Truck Safety Consulting, Heavy Vehicles & Hazardous Materials
Sports and Fitness, Fitness Facility Standard of Care
Real Estate & Land, Real Estate Syndication
Bankruptcy and Corporate Governance
Accident Reconstruction & Product Failure Analysis!

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The Evidence Solutions Story

We began as a full service Computer Consulting Firm called Great Scott Enterprises, Inc. (GSE), founded by Scott Greene as he worked for IBM in the early 1980's. GSE initially provided custom programming solutions based upon database products that were available at the time. Creating computer software solutions for businesses was Scott's passion. As the company continued to grow creating entire networks of computers to serve business needs became part of the services that were available from GSE.

Several years into the company's existence, Scott was asked by an attorney to recover some data from a hard disk drive. As this was also a service the company offered, GSE took on the project. The attorney then told Scott that he would like to have him testify as to what had been recovered. Scott answered: "How hard could that be?". And the Computer Forensics department of GSE was born.

The Computer Forensics department grew rapidly as the need to recover data from computers for litigation purposes expanded rapidly.

In 2008 the Computer Forensics department of GSE became Evidence Solutions, Inc. (ESI).

In addition to Computer Forensics, ESI began to perform forensics on:

Accounting & Medical Billing Systems
Accounting & Medical Billing Systems
Cell Phone Forensics & Mobile Device
Digital Camera / Digital Photo
Email Systems
Printer & Fax Machines
File Date
Source Code & Copyright

As the company continued to grow additional forensic services were added to the list:

Car & Light Truck Black Box / Event Data Recorder / EDR,
Data Fabrication
Digital Copier
Document & Spreadsheet
Electronic Device
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
GPS Systems

In 2010 at an Arizona Bar Association Convention Scott was discussing the merits of collecting data from Truck Accidents with two of the leaders in Truck Accident Investgations, Don Asa and Jim Acock of D&A Consultants, Inc. (D&A). The discussion led to the two companies partnering on serveral Truck Accident cases over the next couple of years. D&A's services included:

Accident Consulting
Driver Qualification Experts
Expert Opinion
FMCSR Experts - Rules & Regulations
Research Services

Truck Accident Case Consultation
Truck Accident Investigation

As the two companies continued to work together, Black Box, ECM, ECU, EDR, DDEC, Download & Analysis was added to the services available from D&A.

At one point, Scott talked with Don, the owner of D&A, about his company exit strategy. Nothing came to fruition between the two business owners until early 2012 when Scott agreed to take over as the company CEO and arranged to purchase the company.

The companies operated seperately until early 2014 when D & A Consultants, Inc. merged with Evidence Solutions, Inc. The two divisions: Electronic Evidence and Truck Accident & Safety Consulting operate independently and collaborate on cases often.

Sports, Fitness & Industrial Injury Prevention and Standard of Care Expert:

In 2015, Jeff Scurran joined Evidence Solutions as a Sports, Industrial, and Fitness Expert. Coach Scurran has decades experience in Sports Coaching, Industrial Movement, Accident Prevention, Sports litigation support, concussion prevention, athletic training standard of care, sports safety and sports risk management.

Since 1970 Jeff has been a coach in both High School as well as College programs. Coach Scurran has coached: Football, Track, Alpine Skiing, Baseball, Basketball, and Tennis. He has been a Physical Education (PE) educator for over 30 years. Jeff has also been a College Instructor and Lead Teacher for Sport Psychology and Weight Training. Jeff also is an expert in industrial motion and injury prevention.

Accident Reconstruction:

In early 2016, Victor Holloman joined Evidence Solutions as an Accident Reconstruction and Product Failure expert. A former NASA employee, Victor has over 20 year experience reconstructing commercial vehicle as well as private car accidents. He is a Professional Engineer (PE) and has experience in aircraft structural design.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Standard of Care Experts:

In late 2016, John Ross joined Evidence Solutions' team. Mr. Ross brings decades of safe Truck Driving experience to the Trucking Standard of Care division. He has significant experience in safely transporting hazardous materials (HAXMAT) including oil field operations and transportation. John also has significant experience in loading, unloading and load securement.

As part of our commitment to give back, we contribute to the following organizations:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson

Blair Charity Group

Alisa's Angels

Integrative Touch for Kids

We are active board members of the Boys and Girls clubs and the Blair Charity Group.


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