Evidence Solutions, Inc., (ESI) is a premier forensics company founded in 1982.

ESI Provides Elite Experts in:

Digital and Electronic Evidence, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics
Trucking, Truck Accident Investigation and Trucking Regulations, Truck Safety Consulting, Heavy Vehicles & Hazardous Materials
Sports and Fitness, Fitness Facility Standard of Care
Real Estate & Land, Real Estate Syndication
Bankruptcy and Corporate Governance
Accident Reconstruction & Product Failure Analysis!

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Electronically Stored Information (ESI):

Includes but is not limited to any electronically stored information on a Data Storage Device. These devices can be magnetic or optical storage media as an "active" file or files; any "deleted" but recoverable electronic files on said media; any electronic file fragments (files that have been deleted and partially overwritten with new data); and slack (data fragments from previously stored active and deleted files or residual data left on the hard drive after new data has overwritten some, but not all, of previously stored data).