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Digital Forensics Expert Witness AL

Computer Forensics Expert:
United States Secret Service -
National Computer Forensics Institute
Hoover, AL.

The National Computer Forensics Institute Offers Training to Law Enforcement.

Opened in 2008 in Hoover Alabama, just outside of Birmingham AL, the federally funded National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI) offers low cost and free Digital Forensics training to law enforcement.

According to the website, over 500 agencies from all of the 50 states and some of the United States Territories have attended training in the 32,000 square foot facility. The factility is operated by the United States Secret Service in conjunction with the Alabama State Prosecutors Office.

The Facility is operated through a partnership that includes:

  • United States Department of Homeland Security
  • United States Secret Service
  • State of Alabama
  • Alabama Office of Prosecution Services/Alabama District Attorneys Association
  • City of Hoover, Alabama
  • Shelby County, Alabama

Course Titles Offered at the National Computer Forensics Institute include:

  • Advanced Forensics Training
  • Advanced Mobile Device Examiner
  • Basic Scripting Techniques
  • Basic Computer Evidence Recovery Training
  • Basic Investigation of Computer and Electronic Crimes Program
  • Basic Investigation of Computer and Electronic Crimes Program for Supervisors
  • Basic Mobile Device Investigations
  • Basic Mac Investigation Training
  • Basic Network Investigation Training
  • Computer Forensics in Court - Judges
  • Computer Forensics in Court - Prosecutors
  • Mobile Devices in Court - Prosecutors
  • Mobile Device Examiner
  • Mac Forensics Training
  • Network Intrusion Response Program
  • Online Social Networking

NCFI Website

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