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Cyber Security Forensics Expert Witness:
Why Should I be Concerned About Cyber Security?

Electronic Forensics / Computer Forensics Expert Articles

In an increasingly cyber-world, many experts believe that the United States is not prepared for a sophisticated cyber-attack. Every day we get closer to a potential cyber disaster. It is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Hacking Expert Witness: Hacking Image on Computer

Cyber Security Expert: Security Is Everyone's Responsibility


“Why should I be concerned about cyber security? I hardly use technology!” This is a phrase IT professionals hear every day around the world. But why are IT professionals still adamant you do everything to protect yourself? We have to compare cyber security to public health, the latter of which, we can all agree, is a very important thing. We are always told to wash our hands and be cautious with the outside world and the myriad of germs and bacteria one can encounter. So why compare this to cyber security?


Let us take a simple Rhinovirus (a cold to us laypeople)which is a fairly common virus found everywhere in the world. It is spread in two main fashions: via the respiratory system or from direct contact with contaminated surfaces (a table, coffee mug, door knob, persons hand; you get the idea). When this virus enters the human body, it infect the cells in the upper respiratory tract causing symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever,etc. Now let’s say you shook the hand of one of your best friends who happens to be carrying the virus, your friend doesn’t know they have the virus, because the virus can take anywhere from 20 hours to four days to present with symptoms. They won’t know for at least another day.


So, you got the virus from your friend without knowing or even suspecting anything is wrong. They are your friend after all, you trust them. Now you go home to your family, you haven’t washed your hands since earlier that day and you then pass the virus on to your family. Your family then goes out into the world carrying the virus, and so on and so forth.The point we are trying to get across here, is you take precautions in your daily life, but you should be wary of what you do in your digital life as well. This scenario we have described with the Rhinovirus, is similar to how a very nasty Trojan.32 virus can enter your computer; from which it will then infect, and spread until it is killed or runs out of new machines to infect.


Cyber security is a shared responsibility, not only for your safety but those around you. If you use technology, even on a minor once a week level, you are responsible for your security. If you are not, the infection could spread, making your life and those around you a nightmare.


By Sean Greene

Evidence Solutions, Inc.

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Complex Electronic Evidence in PLAIN English.

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