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Cyber Security & Data Breach Forensics Expert:
What Data Breach Hackers Know About You

Computer Forensics Expert / Data Breach Forensics Articles

Each data breach is unique. Data breaches happen in all kinds of systems which contain different elements of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As we researched the major breaches of the last year or so we were able to ascertain what kind of information hackers have obtained about you in these data breaches. We have based this upon information that we have gathered about each of these high profile breaches.Data Breach Forensics Experts - security word cloud small

Computer Forensics Expert - Data Breach Expert

Your PII may not have been divulged as part of one of these breaches. However, it is always important to monitor your accounts. Including bank accounts, credit card accounts and online buying accounts. In addition, Evidence Solutions, Inc. (ESI) highly recommends complex passwords that change often. See: Safer passwords, Rules 1 - 3.

Each data breach is unique and the data gleaned by hackers in each breach is different from another. Sometimes hackers end up with email addresses and passwords. Other times they score credit card information including the CVV on the back of the card. However, it is interesting to note Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) data breaches appear to have the highest value to hackers. See: Why EMR data is attractive to Hackers .

Here is the information hackers have obtained from some of the recent significant data breaches. The results are listed in alphabetic order by the company breached:


Adobe (Email)

Mountain View, CA.
Encrypted password, Password hint
8,000,000 accounts.


Adobe (Customer Accounts)

Mountain View, CA.
Customer IDs, Encrypted Password, Name, Encrypted Credit or Debit Card Information,Expiration Dates & customer order information
2,900,000 Accounts


Anthem Health Insurance

Indianapolis, IN.
Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Email, Salary and Employment Information.
80,000,000 accounts.



New York, NY.
Address, Contact List, Email, Encrypted Password
10,000,000 accounts.



Beijing, China.
Email, Username & Encrypted Password.
1,000,000 accounts.



San Jose, CA.
Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Email, Encrypted Password
145,000,000 accounts


Home Depot

Atlanta, GA.
Name, Debit Card & Credit Card information
56,000,000 Credit & Debit cards.


Indiana University

Bloomington, IN
Social Security number and address
146,000 student records



Brooklyn, NY.
Address, Phone Number, Email, Username, Encrypted Password
Unknown number of accounts


Michaels / Aaron Brothers

Irving, TX.
Name, Debit Card & Credit Card information.
3,000,000 customer accounts.


Montana Health Department

Helena, MT.
Name, Address, Dates of Birth, Social Security Numbers, Bank Account Information& Clinical Information.
Unknown number of accounts from a 1,300,000 person database.


Neiman Marcus

Dallas, TX.
Name, Debit Card & Credit Card information
1,100,000 cards.


P.F. Chang's Restaurants

Scottsdale, AZ.
Debit Card & Credit Card information
Unknown number of cards.


Schnucks Supermarket

St. Louis, MO.
Name, Debit Card & Credit Card information.
2,400,000 Cards.



Venice, CA.
Phone Number, Username, Password Hint
4,600,000 accounts


St. Joseph Health System

Suwanee, GA.
Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, & Address.
405,000 people.



Minneapolis, MN.
Name, Address, Email, Debit Card & Credit Card information
40,000,000 accounts


University of Maryland

College Park, MD.
Names, Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth & Matriculation Numbers
309,000 people.


Variable Annuity Life Insurance

Amarillo, TX.
Name & Social Security Number
775,000 accounts.

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By Scott Greene

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