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Truck Accident Investigation.

The Heavy Truck Division of Evidence Solutions ( formerly D&A Consultants ) offers a multitude of truck accident investigation services to clients throughout the United States and Canada. Through careful examination that may involve photography, analysis, crash data retrieval, or scale diagramming, your Evidence Solutions’ trucking accident investigator is often able to determine the cause of the truck accident. Since we know each of our trucking accident clients will have different needs, our truck safety and accident services are tailored on a case-by-case basis.

Evidence Solutions Heavy Truck Division truck accident investigation services include:

  • Truck Accident Investigation and Inspection by an Experienced Truck Safety Expert
  • Photographing of Truck Accident Scene
  • Visual Inspection of Vehicles Involved in the Trucking Accident
  • Trucking Accident Investigation Damage Evaluations
  • Photographing of Vehicles Involved in Trucking Accident
  • Witness Statements for Use in Truck Accident Litigation 
  • Truck Driver Statements for Use in Truck Accident Litigation
  • Truck Accident Investigation and Photography of Other Objects Involved in the Collision, including Poles, Street Signs, Buildings, Bicycles, Construction Work, and More
  • Truck Accident Investigation and Photography of Evidence, including Skid Marks, Gouges, and More
  • Trucking Accident Deposition Review
  • Review Truck Accident Police Reports
  • Truck Accident Cause Analysis
  • Preparation of Court and Trial Materials for Use in Truck Accident Litigation
  • Data collection and review from:

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