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Expert Opinion

Evidence Solutions Heavy Truck Division ( formerty D&A Consultants )  offers professional trucking accident expert opinion services. When you have a truck accident or injury case that requires an expert opinion, who you choose to write it for you is of the utmost importance. Our team of truck accident experts offer both practical and professional experience in the truck driving and trucking litigation industry.

When an expert opinion is required, it is essential that your truck accident expert has the industry knowledge and experience to back up their written statement. Our team of truck accident experts has extensive experience in the trucking industry and understands every angle of truck accident testimony. Evidence Solutions offers affordable and professional trucking litigation support and trucking expert opinion services for clients throughout the United States.

Trucking Accident Expert Opinion Services from Evidence Solutions.

Our  team of experts were truck drivers for many years allowing them to bring practical trucking experience to all litigation involving trucks, trucking companies, truck drivers, trailers, and more. This gives our experts a perspective many others in the truck accident consultant field simply do not have. With the ability to write a thorough expert opinion that is concise, authoritative, and based on facts, Evidence Solutions is the best choice for trucking litigation support, truck accident testimony and trucking expert opinion services.

Some of the benefits of choosing Evidence Solutions for your trucking expert opinion services include:

  • Your Truck Accident Expert Understands Every Angle of Trucking
  • Stellar Reputation as a Truck Accident Expert
  • Over 130 Years of Experience in the Trucking and Trucking Litigation Support Industry
  • Affordable Truck Accident Expert Services
  • Expert Opinion and Expert Truck Accident Testimony Services Available
  • Ability to Handle Accidents Involving Warehouses, Dock Facilities, Forklifts, and Heavy Equipment
  • And Much More

For professional trucking research services, Evidence Solutions Heavy Truck Division can be reached at (888) 277-1979. You can also reach us with any questions about our trucking litigation or truck accident consultant services through our Contact us page.

You can also reach us with any truck accident litigation questions through the form at the top of each website page.

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