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Software Copyright Expert Witness:
Reading the Terms and Conditions of Software
might save your soul

Software Copyright / Intellectual Property / Computer Forensics Articles

By Scott Greene


Reading the long legal document associated with most software and websites is a pain and a half. They are long, complicated, and quite boring. Many users simply ignore the document and click “I accept” or “I agree” and go along their merry way (like you are going to say no to them anyway). To see how many people actually read the contract, a UK-based video game retailer included a clause in their website that gave the company the right to the users “immortal soul” after they died. While comical in nature and pointless in the real world, it proves a point, how many people actually read the contract? According to this retailer, over 88% of users ignored the clause or did not notice it. The remaining 12% who did see it, were given the option to opt-out and receive a small gift for their efforts. Some other web comedians have gone one step further to make even more fun of the Terms and Conditions. Enjoy!

funny terms and conditions


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