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Computer Forensics Expert:
Electronic Frontier Foundation's 2014:
Who Has Your Back

Digital Evidence / Computer Forensics Articles

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently published its 2014 “Who has your back” report. In its fourth year, the report, at a glance, lets you see who is protecting your data from government inquiries.

Data Privacy Computer Forensics Expert Witness

Right underneath the info graphic chart are links to the last three years of “Who has your back” (2011, 2012 & 2013). Clearly companies are making significant moves towards protecting their customer’s data. Each year the list gets longer and their stances get stronger. Check the information about the policies and practices of several major tech companies.

The page shows which of the listed companies:
•   Requires a warrant for content
•   Tells users about government data requests
•   Publishes transparency reports
•   Publishes law enforcement guidelines
•   Fights for users' privacy rights in courts
•   Fights for users’ privacy rights in Congress


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