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Truck Driving Expert:
Truck Driver Lingo 105

Jim Acock

Truck Regulations Expert Witness Articles

Twin Stack Mack with a bed in the back: Little Mack with a sleeper
Wearing Jewelry:
A rig and trailer wearing snow chains 
White Line Fever:
When you are hypnotized by the white line of the highway, and don’t remember how you got where you are
Wide Nose:
Conventional truck with an extended or extra wide hood
Wiggle Wagon:
Two to three trailers linked together

San Antonio, TX
Big A:
Atlanta, GA
Big Sky: Montana
Miami, FL
Bright Lights:
Las Vegas, NV
The Shaky Side:
Cigar City:
Tampa, FL
Circle City:
Indianapolis, IN
Cow Town:
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
Gateway/The Arches:
St Louis, MO
Gay Bay:
San Francisco, CA
Going to the Bottom:
McAllen/Brownsville, TX
Nashville, TN
Hole in the Wall: Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70
Left Coast:
Mardi Gras:
New Orleans, LA
Mile High:
Denver, CO
Queen City:
Charlotte, NC
Sand Pile:
Space Needle: Seattle WA
Sticker Patch:
Phoenix Arizona
Shy Town:
Chicago, IL
Smoke City:
Birmingham, AL
Windy City:
Chicago IL
The Beach:
The Vancouver area

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