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Truck Driving Expert:
Trucker Lingo 104

Jim Acock

Trucking Expert Witness Articles


Shake the Bushes: One truck going ahead of others to look for police cars
Shake the Trees and I’ll Rake the Leaves: The lead vehicle will look for police up ahead, the rear vehicle will look for police behind
She Bear: A female police officer
Shining Up For Inspection: A car hauler dragging chains
Shiny Jewelry: Snow chains that have been on for a while
Shiny Side Up: Be safe and do not turn over
Silver Bullet: A tank trailer
Skateboard: An empty flatbed truck
Skating Rink: Black ice or slippery roads
Skip Talk: Talking long distance on a CB radio
Skirts Are Flapping: Loose tarps on a flatbed
Slip Seat: Getting out of one truck and returning home in another at a meet point
Smelly Nelly: Livestock truck
Spreading Mayo and Mustard: Crews painting lines on the highway
Stacks: Exhaust pipes that run up the rear corners of a truck cab
Stall and Crawl/Bump and Grind: Stuck in lots of traffic
Steering Wheel Holder: A new or discourteous driver – all they are good for is holding the steering wheel
Stinger Axle: Multiple load bearing Axles with a tongue that connects to the rear of a lowboy trailer
Suicide Jockey: Driver hauling explosives
Swamp Donkeys: Moose
Swindle Sheets: Pages in a driver’s daily log book
Talk Box: CB radio
The Big Word: A “Closed” sign at a weigh station
The Little Word: An “Open” sign at a weigh station
The Heater is on: CB power boost is on
Thermos Bottle: An insulated Tanker
Through the Woods: Driving on back roads or rural highways
Triple Digits: Over 100 MPH
Triples: Three trailers
Trucked Up Pill Driver: A driver who needs to stop and sleep
Turn-N-Burn: Drop a load and start a return trip
Turnpike Doubles: A tractor (truck) pulling two 48′ trailers
Twin Stack Mack: Little truck with a big truck attitude

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