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Truck Driving Expert:
Trucker Lingo 103

Jim Acock

Truck Expert Articles


Kojak with a Kodak: Policeman with a radar gun
Large Car: A nice-looking, fast rig
Leather Ass: Someone who drives long distances without stopping to take a break
Load of Dispatcher Brains: An empty trailer
Load of Sail Boat Fuel: Empty
Looking Cool on your Stool: Compliment on the looks of you and your truck
Meat Wagon: Ambulance
Meet and Turn: Meeting another truck at a predetermined point to exchange trucks or trailers and return home
Mile Marker: How truckers keep track of exactly where they are
Monkey Butt: Seat rash from sitting too long
MT: Empty
Need 40 acres: Need to turn around
On Fire: An ambulance or police vehicle with the lights on  
On My Back Door: Behind you
On Your Donkey: Close on your back side
On The Rebound: coming back (as in “catch you on the rebound”)
Pancake: Brake chamber Diaphram
Parking Lot: A truck hauling vehicles
Pete: Peterbuilt truck
Pickle Park: A rest area
Pig Tail: Electrical connector to trailer
Plain Wrapper: An unmarked police car
Pogo Stick: Spring loaded pole that holds air and electrical lines up off tractor walk deck
Polar Bear: White car with no writing on it
Possum Belly: A Drop deck trailer (usually enclosed)
Ratchet Jaw: A talkative person
Reefer: Refrigerated trailer
Rolling Billboard: A trailer covered with graffiti or advertisement of some sort
Saddle: Drivers Seat
Salt Shaker: Snowplow
Schneider Eggs: Construction zone barrels
School Bus: A driver trainer with a student driver
Seat Cover: An attractive woman in the passenger seat of a rig


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