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Truck Driving Expert:
Trucker Lingo 102

By Jim Acock

Truck Driving Expert Witness Articles


Crazy Four Wheeler: A car or pickup truck driving erratically
Diaper Wrap a Load: Wrap the load from the bottom up
Diesel Bear: Department of Transportation enforcement Officer
Dirty Side Up: Rollover on the highway
Disco Lights: Police or Emergency Vehicle with Emergency Lights Flashing
Dog Trail: Secondary roads in bad condition
Doubles: Two trailers connected with a converter gear
Double Nickel: 55 MPH
Drop and Hook: Dropping off one trailer and picking up another
Eye Candy in a Pregnant Roller Skate: A beautiful woman in a VW Beetle
Flip Flop/Flip Side: Return trip
Four Wheeler: A regular car or truck
Four Wheeler Having a BBQ: A vehicle on fire
Freight Hauler: Van trailer driver (usually an LTL Carrier)
Freight Shaker: Freightliner truck
Front Door: The leader of a group of trucks
Full Grown Bear: Highway patrol
Full Grown Bears Hanging at the Chicken Coop: Get ready to be inspected at the weigh station
Georgia Overdrive: Transmission in neutral going downhill (aka Mexican overdrive)
GO Go Girls: A livestock trailer filled with pigs
Go Go Juice: Fuel
Got your ears on?: Is your CB radio on?
Grass Burners: Exhaust pipes that are low and horizontal
Hammer Down: Accelerating or going to max speed
Hammer Lane: High speed lane (usually the far left lane)
Hand: Experienced driver
Handle: A driver’s nickname over the CB radio
Hanging Iron: Chaining up
In the Cradle: In the middle of a group of trucks
Jake Brake: The engine brake
K Whopper: Kenworth truck
Keep the Wheels Between the Ditches and the Bears Out of Your Britches: Keep it legal and safe – A.K.A Have a good trip
Kicker: CB amplifier

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