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Transportation Expert:
NTSB Releases Top 10 Most Wanted List of Transportation Improvements for 2014.

By Scott Greene

Evidence Solutions, Inc. - Truck Accident & Safety Experts

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released its Top Ten Most Wanted List of Transportation Improvements for 2014.

Truck Driver Accident Expert Witness

Here is what made the 2014 list:

  • Improving operational safety in rail mass transit - Specifically: commuter rail, subways and light rail
  • Helicopter operations - Huge growth, lots of safety concerns.
  • Distraction - Banning the use of portable electronics while operating vehicles.
  • Fire Safety - Improved fire detection & suppression.
  • General Aviation - Especially as it relates to hazardous weather
  • Pipeline Safety - There are 2.5 Million miles of pipeline in the US. Safety should be increased.
  • Positive Train Control - Centralized control of train speed and operations
  • Substance-Impaired Driving - Over 10,000 traffic deaths in 2010 make this a priority.
  • Occupant Protection - Saving lives and preventing injury in the event of an accident.
  • Passenger Vessel Safety - Injuries are not generally caused by the failure of the vessel but the lack of good safety practices

New items for 2014 are in Bold.

Items that were on the 2013 list and not on the 2014 list are:

  • Airport Surface Operation Safety
  • Bus Safety
  • Preserve and Improve Transportation Infrastructure
  • Motor Vehicle Collision Avoidance Technology

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