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Truck Safety Expert:
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Released its Top Ten “Most Wanted” List for 2013

Truck Safety Expert Articles

By Scott Greene

* Airport surface operation safety improvement
* Improve bus safety
* Eliminate distraction caused by handheld devices
* Fire safety improvement across all modes of transportation
* Enhance general aviation safety
* Preserve and improve transportation infrastructure
* Enhance pipeline safety
* Require positive train control technology to prevent train to train collisions
* Eliminate substance impaired driving
* Require motor vehicle collision avoidance technology.

The  NTSB says that substance-impaired driving is (still) the No. 1 killer on the list.

In addition, NTSB’s annual list of its top priorities includes calling for an end to distraction in all modes of transportation.

“Distraction was the cause of multiple accidents investigated by the agency in recent years, and its deadly effects will only continue to grow as a national safety threat,” NTSB said.

“Transportation is safer than ever, but with 35,000 annual fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries, we can, and must, do better,” NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said in a statement.

The 35,000 fatalities equates to roughly 96 deaths per day.

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